Proposals for Preston Barracks site

The committee has decided to support the plans for the long derelict Preston Barracks site, despite having some reservations. We think that overall the positives outweigh the negatives. Read more

Brighton Square 

The Society is objecting to plans for Brighton Square. We think the facades are dreary compared to the original, the proposed shop front out of scale, the view of the fountain will no longer be part of the public space and public access very much curtailed.  Read more 

More damage to Marlborough House

Marlborough House in the Old Steine in Brighton is often referred to as the second most important historic property in the city, after the Royal Pavilion. Nick Tyson explains the sad story behind its recent delapidation and the sorry condition it is in today. We call on the Council and Historic England to intervene. Read more 

The Waterfront Project

We've written before about the proposed new conference centre at Black Rock and the associated plan to demolish the Brighton Centre and Kingswest complex to make way for an enlarged Churchill Square shopping centre. We're worried about a number of aspects of this scheme, but most of all we are concerned that the Council may be about to sign and agreement with Standard Life Investments without providing an opportunity for local groups to comment on this scheme which could have far-reaching consequences for the town centre as well as Black Rock. Read more 

Toad's Hole Valley

The Council has issued a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the proposed Toad's Hole Valley development. We supported this development in principal in the City Plan, but we have a number of concerns about this new document. It does not offer sufficient guidance to developers, and we think a proper masterplan is needed. Read more  

A new management arrangement is put in place for the Royal Pavilion and Museums

The Council has decided to form a Trust to manage the Royal Pavilion and Museums. We reflect on a 70 year relationship between the Royal Pavilion and the Regency Society. Read more

Court Farm development approved

Brighton and Hove has approved an application for a new development at Court Farm, adjacent to the proposed development site at Toads Hole Valley. We're supporting the scheme. Read more 

Is Brighton and Hove grinding to a halt? 

New Delia Forester considers the story of many recent schemes and proposals which do not seem to be going anywhere at the moment, and evaluates the pros and cons   Read more 

A new idea for the Sackville Hotel site

New Hyde Housing Association proposed in 2015 to construct a 17 storey block of flats on the site of the former Sackville Hotel on Kingsway in Hove. We objected on the grounds that it was much too high and the density too great. They've now come up with a new suggestion - only 9 storeys this time, but we still have concerns about the massing, and would like to see a much less bland, run of the mill scheme more in keeping with these elegant surroundings.   Read more 

Old Town Conservation Area Character Statement

Brighton's Old Town Conservation Area (the area bounded by North Street, West Street, East Street and the sea-front) has a draft character statement - an important document which draws attention to its historic and architectural importance and highlights the risks. We think it is excellent. Read more 

Proposals from the John Lewis Partnership for their Brighton store

A group of committee members attended a briefing about plans from the John Lewis Partnership for their store on the site currently occupied by Boots on the corner of North Street and Queens Road. We've written with comments about the design. Read more

Our comments on the City Plan Part 2

The council is currently seeking comments on the scoping document for the City Plan Part 2. This follows and adds detail to Part 1 of the Plan, published in March this year, which sets out the strategic policy framework for the Council until 2030. We have commented on 3 topics in the scoping document for the City Plan part 2: Housing, Design and Student Housing. Read our comments here

Two new housing schemes for Hove

We shall be supporting two new proposals for housing and mixed use development in Hove: on Ellen Street and the Texaco Garage site on Kingsway. Read more

Tour to Northumbria now fully booked

Read more and add your name to the waiting list

Donation to Hove Plinth

We've decided to donate £250 to Hove Civic Society for their innovative scheme to build a plinth for contemporary sculpture on Kings Esplanade opposite the statue of Queen Victoria. The first three works have already been chosen Read more about this scheme here70% of funds have been promised alreaady - you can make a donation. Read more  

2016/17 lectures and events programme

We have a rich and varied lectures and events programme lined up for the current season. Read more...‚Äč

Rebuilding the Shelter Hall

The Council is planning to completely rebuild the Shelter Hall and move it slightly nearer to the sea in a plan to shore up and improve the A259 at the junction with West Street.  Read more

New plan for Anston House site

A new proposal has been put forward for Anston House on Preston Road, famously described as 'the ugliest building in Sussex'. The latest proposal, from First Base and Hyde Housing, is for 229 dwellings and workspace for 283 jobs.   Read more

Tour to Downing College Cambridge

A weekend trip to Downing College Cambridge gave a group of members a unique opportunity to enjoy this unusual campus and visit the Masters Lodge with the Master himself. Other highlights included a lecture in a very modern 'Georgian' classical theatre, a concert on original instruments and a visit to Corpus Christi College. (This picture shows an exhibition of Ai Wei Wei tree sculptures in front of the college chapel). 
Read more

The Mayor pays compliments at the Garden Party

This year's Garden Party was enjoyed by members and guests despite the occasional drop of rain, and the mayor used this occasion to pay tribute to our contribution to Brighton and Hove. Read more

New vision for Madeira Terraces

The Council has recently announced a new proposal for Madeira Terraces. We welcome the principle of the proposals but await further detail about the replacement of the ironwork and the way the new structure will relate to the sea-front  Read more

Hove Library and Museum

The Council has decided not to approve the plan to sell the Hove Library building. We are very pleased to hear this as we were unhappy about former plans to move the library to the Museum building. Read more...

The Royal Pavilion under new management? 

Plans to set up a trust to manage the Royal Pavilion and Museums have been abandoned and a new external management body is to be sought. Read more

Waterfront project

The Council is planning to build a conference and events centre at Black Rock. This proposal recently received cross party support. We have concerns about it. Read more  

Roger Hinton appears on TV

Our Chairman has given an interivew to Latest TV about our views on the Hove Museum, the Waterfront Project and other matters of current concern to us. You can see the programme here 

The crisis of architecture

Renowned neo-classical architect Quinlan Terry gave the 2016 Antony Dale lecture on 9th March. Read more ...

Taken a shine to the i360?

It's certainly imposing but it's not, so far, quite what was expected. The publicity images for the i360 show a shining pole, glinting in the sun. The current reality is rather more dull on most days. So we asked the architect why. Here's what he has to say. Read more...

New housing in Rottingdean

The old St Aubyns school playing fields is the site where Lindon Homes has proposed developing into 10 new private houses and a 62 bed care home. We believe that were this to go ahead, it would be a huge missed opportunity to help solve the city's housing needs. Read more...

How to mistreat a fine building

Buildings need to change with the times if they are to survive – but not at the expense of their character. Clarence House in North Street is a case in point. Read more...

Regeneration of London Road

The rebuilt Open Market, reused Co-op department store and heavy investment in The Level all point to the regeneration of the London Road area. Here, we trace its history, new developments and potential future upgrades. Read more...

Meet housing target by filling in the gaps

It's one thing to have a city plan and quite another to get it implemented. Planners don't build house – developers do. Read more...

Making the most of new sites

We have supported the proposals in the modified city plan for some development in the urban fringe but have concerns about wording that could lead to the development of inappropriate sites – and we don't believe Amex House should be demolished. Read more...


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